TOW Grant Application

We are accepting 2023 Grant Application now.

ATTENTION!! - The MSF Grants are considered for NOT-FOR-PROFIT Organizations only (This is applied to both FORMAL & NON-FORMAL Applications). Grants cannot be sent to FOR-PROFIT Organizations.Thank you.

Funding Guidelines for the TOW Grant Program

Grants will be awarded to schools and seminaries (formal education for degrees or diploma programs) at the normal tuition rate charged students by the institution receiving the grant.  These grant funds may be used by the school for giving scholarships to students for the class or for other internal school use; this decision will be made by the grant recipient.  More than one class may be conducted each calendar year, which means you can repeat a class in each quarter or semester of the year.  Grants can be reapplied for up to five (5) years.  This provision enables a school to develop a complete series of classes (or concentration) around the theology of work.

Grant awarded for continuing education training in pastor networks or groups (non-formal education, seminars and events a school, denomination or a church may hold in or outside an academic institution) are intended to fund the basic cost of the conducting the class on a per-student basis.  Each grant request will be subject to a negotiation process based on the budget developed for the course. As for the formal grants described above, non-formal grant can also be reapplied for up to five (5) years.

At the completion of a grant-funded course or class, students are required to complete a short questionnaire which covers the essential principles of the class, and then submitted by the seminary or training group to the Theology of Work Director at Bakke Graduate University.  Funds will be released contingent upon the number of students to finish the course and who complete the questionnaire requirement.

Please review the Application Process before starting the application to see all the requirements. Application forms for these two types of grants (formal and non-formal) can be downloaded here or you can also fill out and submit the application online (see links below)

Mustard Seed Foundation Theology of Work Grant Application - Formal
Mustard Seed Foundation Theology of Work Grant Application - Non-Formal