Adele Booysen


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Serious play: A Theology of life and work

The real-world ministry problem discussed in this dissertation is the divide between the sacred and secular, between ministry and work. The problem will be addressed by using several case studies to help view all of life as being a call toward God, to use the skills and passions with which he had created a person to serve him in whatever capacity, and in doing so, being able to enjoy both life and work.
Chapter 1 will discuss the problem of living bifurcated lives, the background to the problem and the contribution to transformational leadership. Chapter 2 will discuss the context for ministry as being in any career, and propose one solution: serious play. Chapter 3 will discuss other proposed solutions by reviewing literature that reflects on both the problem and other proposed solutions. Chapter 4 will outline the case study research method using individuals from a broad context around the world, people who are able to use their skills and passions in a purposeful manner, including serving God. The conclusions of my research will be found in the appendix, a proposed book on the topic of serious play.

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Bakke Graduate University, 2012

English Theology of Work