Caroloretta Tucker



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Equipping Laypeople for Transformational Workplace Ministry: A Biblical Perspective of Work Ethics and Workplace

This study focuses on ministry opportunities Christians have in the workplace. Further, this project provides a model for Pastors and other church leaders alike to become intentional about teaching laypeople principles for transformational workplace ministry outside the church within the sphere of their influence.

Pastors and laypeople were asked to participate in personal interviews, survey questionnaires, and a five-session curriculum of study. These methods were used to analyze attitudes and feelings of the laity of the church. The participants come from various backgrounds but all shared the common position in Christ.

The research standards were carefully chosen, including a qualitative and quantitative process. This process involved a substantial number of respondents across a range of backgrounds. The analysis focused and benefited greatly from such response.

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Bakke Graduate University, 2009

English Faith and Work