Developing a Theology and Practice of Influence as the Antidote for the Ethno-Religious Crisis: Case Study of Jos City, North Central Nigeria


The purpose of this dissertation is to research how the church has responded to the perennial ethno-religious crisis that has engulfed the city of Jos, the capital of the Plateau State of Nigeria and its environs and possible approaches to respond and their theological implications. The study will seek to explore how the church can deploy its overwhelming presence in the region as a tool for positive influence in order to achieve the much needed peace and reconciliation.
The dissertation also hopes to proffer theological perspective for peace in a multiethnic and multi-religious context. This work will eventually become the design for The Centre for Transformational Leadership, which will provide resources for training and also engage in interfaith and other activities geared towards reconciliation in Jos City and its environs.

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Bakke Graduate University, 2012

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