John William Howard, Sr



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Resolving the Sacred/Secular Divide of African American Bivocational Pastors

The genuine ministry problem addressed in this dissertation is an existing divide between Sunday and Monday. There is a gap in the consciousness of church leaders who convey the wrong message that only the Lord's work is sacred. Because of this distortion, there are pastors and church leaders who can't integrate faith and work. The project examines the problem within ministry from the contextual view of incarnational and transformational leadership.
Chapter 1 presents a survey of the proposition to be proved. Included in this problem are stakeholders, the audience, and aspects of transformational leadership.
Chapter 2 discusses the literary review which brings comprehension concerning the problem and the author's solutions.
Chapter 3 outlines the context of ministry issues, provides the historical background, and presents the personal experiences. This chapter also addresses how the project will renew and transform Christian ministry.
Chapter 4 examines the biblical and theological roots of the problem and offers a Christian solution.
Chapter 5 presents methods of investigation and uses questionnaires and interviews as well as an analysis of the community.
Chapter 6 explores the conclusion of the problem, evaluates the methodology, and presents the desired outcomes in addition to providing the project's intended purpose.
Chapter 7 looks at principles learned, objectives of the research, the proposal for further research and the final conclusions.

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Bakke Graduate University, 2012

English Vocation Work and Mission