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Entrepreneurship: A Transformational Approach to Empowering Local Development through Christian Missions in Uganda with Transferable Concepts for other Rural Communities in Africa.

Human dignity not only lies in living in the likeness of our Creator but also in our freedom to use the abilities and skills God has given us to the greater good of humanity. Many rural communities especially in Africa barely have enough to live on despite the abundant resources that abound right within the rural communities. Many of these communities have been evangelized. But the grip of abject poverty still manifests its ugly effects with little hope for the local residents. Can entrepreneurship (as part of Social Action) be a good partner and compliment to Evangelism in developing rural remote communities in Uganda and taking rural communities out of abject poverty? These rural communities are overwhelming in their concerted demand for dignity. Humanization, reconciliation, shalom and the setting up of God’s kingdom are together the goal of mission.[1]

The goal of this project is to explore the extent to which entrepreneurship, as part of the social action plan of Christian missions, can be used as a transformational tool to improve the living conditions and service delivery in rural Uganda engrossed in deep poverty.


[1] Stott, John. Christian Mission in the Modern World. (InterVasity Press, Downers Grove IL. 1975) 29

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Bakke Graduate University, 2015

Vocation Work and Mission