Setorwu Kwadzo Ofori

Rt. Rev. Dr. Setorwu Kwadzo Ofori is the Moderator of the Global Evangelical Church. He gained admission into Bakke Graduate University, USA, where he completed his Doctor of Ministry program of studies in Transformational Leadership in 2009. He did his Masters Program at Trinity Theological College and Seminary, Newburgh, USA with MA in Leadership and Management in 2006. He obtained his Bachelors in Commerce and Diploma in Theology from Daystar University, Kenya and Trinity Theological Seminary in Ghana respectively.

As Moderator, Rev. Dr S.K. Ofori leads a 150,000 member church with 351 pastors in active service and over 5000 elders. His work entails leading a Christ centered church to blend faith and practice in creating a robust body of believers to transform and impact the generation of our time. Rev. Dr. Ofori uses strong administrative and leadership skills shown in decision making, team work and appropriate implementation processes to carry out his work. His writing and teaching skills add a drive to his ministry.

Rev. Dr. Ofori teaches Theology of Work to pastors and lay leaders in Ghana and some African countries.  Being the first African to complete a doctoral dissertation in Theology of Work at the Bakke Graduate University, with high commendation, he became a support to other African students who pursue doctoral dissertations in Theology of Work and its related fields. One of his projects for 2017 is to strategically blend evangelism with work development among Christian in two political districts in Ghana.

He is married to Dr. Mrs. Shine Agatha Ofori who is the current Headmistress of Odorgonno Senior High School in Ghana. They are blessed with three children, Sefakor, Esenam and Seewoe.

Rev. Dr. and Dr. Mrs. Ofori have authored several books including a well patronized devotional in their local language (Ewe).


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A study of how theology of work would affect theology of preaching for the practice of business as a calling : A survey conducted among pastors of the global Evangelical Church

To find how theology of work would affect preaching for the practice of business as a calling, in the Global Evangelical Church, (GEC) in Ghana Africa, a survey was conducted among pastors of the church. A qualitative inquiry was carried out on a stratified sample of 50 pastors drawn from 106 seminar attendants. Literature review focused on several scholarly sources on the subject among which one scholarly work was chosen for critical examination. The purpose was to build on the chosen scholar’s unfinished works. Literary review of the scholar revealed that there were tasks that the institutional church had to execute to enable understanding of theology of work leading to the practice of business as a calling. In order to find how true the findings were with the GEC, data was collected. Data demanding objective and subjective responses were collected following a seminar purposed to give basic information about theology of work. Analysis of data and results, were presented as percentages as well as in descriptive form.  Analysis showed that in the face of preaching opportunities available to pastors of the GEC, they needed knowledge of theology of work coupled with stewardship structures and conceptual skills in order to affect congregants for the practice of business as a calling. Conclusions and recommendations drawn from the analysis appreciated the conceptual skills of pastors but encouraged the leadership of GEC to empower its pastors through the provision of study opportunities and organizational structures for GEC members to understand and do their work as calling from God.

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Bakke Graduate University, 2009

English Theology of Work