TOW Development in Peru

Much of the TOW development work in Peru happened in a city called Manchay. This city, not far from the capital city of Lima, is situated in an area which locals
call the "Valley of Death".  It is called the Valley of Death because much of the population of more than 250,000 people live in extremely poor conditions with
little access to many of the necessities of life (water, sewer, electricity, etc....).
For a quite a number of years now, a Canadian Charity called the Jack Neufeld Family Charitable Foundation developed and operated a wonderful program
called Community for Life.  This program is multi-facetted and offers great hope to the people in Manchay.
The addition of Theology of Work teachings and the practical application of designing small businesses or cooperatives augmented by small micro loans
proved to be an ideal match.  More about this in our story on this page.
To find out more about this partnership, you can visit Communities for Life
by going to either web site below :
* click on "Training Centre", scroll down and read "Business 101"