Theology of Work

The effects of post-colonial views of work on donors and recipients of humanitarian and developmental aid in Africa : A case study of organizations offering and receiving aid in Zimbabwe

God's Pleasure @ Work: How a Biblical Worldview Invigorates the Workplace and Renews the Community

Corporate Social Responsibility: Experience of the Redeemed Christian Church of God North America (RCCGNA)

Developing craftspeople with character for secondary students through theological reflection, praxis and qualitative research

Liberating the laity from the clergy : Empowering Ghanaian Christians

A study of how theology of work would affect theology of preaching for the practice of business as a calling : A survey conducted among pastors of the global Evangelical Church

A Theology Of Work as Stewardship and Mission Based On Genesis 1:28 and Illustrated By AEA, A Multi-National Electricity Company


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