Theology of Work

A study of how theology of work would affect theology of preaching for the practice of business as a calling : A survey conducted among pastors of the global Evangelical Church

A Theology Of Work as Stewardship and Mission Based On Genesis 1:28 and Illustrated By AEA, A Multi-National Electricity Company

An assessment of the effect of theology of work as paradigm for workplace attitudinal and behavioral transformation in the city of Freetown, Sierra Leone 

Joy at Work Bible Study Companion (Russian)

Joy at Work Bible Study Companion

The Joy at Work Bible Study Companion by Raymond Bakke, William Hendricks, and Brad Smith has been translated to Russian by Dr Anatoliy Glukovskyy

Joy at Work (Russian)

This is the e-book (pdf version) of Joy at Work by Dennis Bakke, translated into Russian by Anatole Glukhovskyy 

The Decision Maker

The Decision Maker by Dennis Bakke

Who makes the important decisions in your organization? Strategy, product development, budgeting, compensation—such key decisions typically are made by company leaders. That’s what bosses are for, right? But maybe the boss isn’t the best person to make the call.
That’s the conclusion Dennis Bakke came to, and he used it to build AES into a Fortune 200 global power company with 27,000 people in 27 countries. He used it again to create Imagine Schools, the largest non-profit charter-school network in the U.S.


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