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Joy at Work Bible Study Companion

Joy at Work Bible Study Companion

Back in the Garden, work was fun. Yet, in today’s fallen world, joy and work are rarely used in the same sentence. But God really does intend for us to find joy in our work. Join Raymond Bakke, Brad Smith, and Bill Hendricks as they explore what the Bible says about the purpose of business and our right to a joyful workplace. No matter where you spend those 50 or 60 hours during the week—whether it’s in business, government, or the nonprofit sector; in church, at home, or anywhere else—God intends for you to find joy in your work.

Joy at Work: A Revolutionary Approach To Fun on the Job

Imagine a company where people love coming to work and are highly productive on a daily basis. Imagine a company whose top executives, in a quest to create the most "fun" workplace ever, obliterate labor-management divisions and push decision-making responsibility down to the plant floor. Could such a company compete in today's bottom-line corporate world? Could it even turn a profit? Well, imagine no more.

Questions of Business Life

Questions of Business Life by Richard Higginson

Many important questions of life concern business. But too often they are left unanswered. Richard Higginson concentrates on the tough and complex issues that confront business people in their everyday circumstances. Practical, plausible and definitely thought-provoking, Questions of Business Life explores the interconnection between faith, values and business practice to offer the Christian alternative of 'doing business'.

The Abolation of the Laity: Vocation, Work and MInistry in Biblical Perspective

The Abolition of the Laity by Dr. R. Paul Stevens


Job-Shadowing Daniel: Walking the Talk at Work

Job Shadowing Daniel by Dr Larry Peabody

Job-Shadowing Daniel,  is available from for $14.91 in paperback and $9.99 on Kindle or purchase 10 or more for $8.48/book from The publisher, Outskirts Press

Although Daniel lived more than 2,500 years ago, his work caused him to confront many of the same "lions" that intimidate contemporary Christians in the work world. He served God while on a non-religious payroll. The co-workers surrounding him included more unbelievers than believers. He worked in "Babylon," a term that speaks of ambition, confusion, and self-centeredness. And his faith sometimes made him the target of strong opposition. 


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