Examining The Link Between Ipra Law (Legislation) and Transformative Development through A Study Of the Aytas of Subic Bay, Philippines 

God's Pleasure at Work (E-book)

God's Pleasure at Work

Dr Christian Overman, the Founder and Director of Worldview Matters®, has just published a new e-book called: God's Pleasure At Work: The Difference One Life Can Make. It was created for high school students, but it's just as appropriate for adults of all ages and stages in life!

The e-book is a blend of "biblical worldview" + "theology of work," containing over 50 short video clips to augment the text. It is available for reading on Mac and PC.

Dr John Fryters - TOW Teaching to An Indigenous Group in Atarraya- Peru

Dr John Fryters - TOW Teaching to Kuku Tribe in Lire, South Sudan

Dr John Fryters - Indigenous People in Prince Albert, Canada

Theology of Work - Practical Applications (English)

Theology of Work Practical Application Cover

An effective fast track method to develop micro-businesses or cooperatives in the developing work.

This book is a curriculum developed by Dr. John Fryters combining Theology of work with business & finance training and small micro loans provision. It is also available in Spanish.

God and Work - Theology of work - Marketplace Ministry 101

This is a curriculum of Theology of Work and Marketplace Ministry developed by Dr. John Fryters for the Indigenous People.
ISBN # 9781626970267

This book is free to download.  Comments from those who download would be appreciated.  Pastor John Fryters can be reached at campus@inet2000.com

Children as Agents of Community Transformation: A Church-Based and Child-Focused Model


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