Anatoliy Glukhovskyy


Senior Management Executive

  • Extensive ministry background in cross-cultural environments
  • Effective transfer expertise across distances and with time constraints to make each team member a highly potential employer
  • Proven achievements in helping an organization reach its goals by having a mindset that starts not with results but with relationships


  • 1986-1989       Kiev State University, Department of Roman-Germanic Philology
  • 1989-1994       Continental Theological Seminary, Belgium - BA in Bible and Theology
  • 1995–2002      Continental Theological Seminary, Belgium - MA in Biblical Studies
  • 2002–2005      Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, USA - M.Div equivalency
  • 2004–2007      Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, USA – D.Min in Redemptive Leadership and Organizational Development

Key Skills

  • Constant character development to reflect humility and integrity with emphasis on accountability and justice as core values.
  • Personal capability to challenge the status quo and develop strategic perspectives. Interpersonal skills development to collaborate and foster team work. Leading change!
  • The analytical ability to manage problems (learning from failure) and initiate reconciliation on senior and executive level in appropriate time.
  • Planning and implementing the organization’s efforts to influence or change public policy, particularly in area of social justice.
  • Setting objectives, planning, budgeting, recruiting and training staff, developing facilities — managing the resources needed for an organization to achieve its goals.


  • 1992-2012       Founder and CEO of UET Seminary (
  • 2000-2007       Chairman of the Board for Ukrainian Bible Society (
  • 2008-2015       Regional Director (Eurasia) for Lausanne Movement (
  • 2012-2016       Founder and CEO of ReconTV Media College & Studio (

The vision of Recon College was conceived in 2012 by a group of Christian leaders who saw the need for professional training programs in Ukraine that could prepare students to proclaim the gospel of Christ to the Russian-speaking world and beyond, utilizing the tools of modern communication and media. The program of study is focused on “story telling” rather than “technology” and to be accredited according to the Bologna Process. The biblical theology of work courses are a critical part of the curriculum in order for students to understand how their work fits into the plan of God for this world.


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Title Language Resource Link(s) Subject
A Transformational and Theological Study of Work , the Church and the Marketplace
Document Description: 

This is the powerpoint presentation for a Theology of Work seminar by Dr. Lowell Bakke and Dr. Anatoliy Glukhovskyy at Ukraine Evangelical Theological Seminary

English Theology of Work
TOW Powerpoint (Russian)
Document Description: 

This is a Theology of Work powerpoint presentation in Russian prepared by Dr. Anatoliy Glukhovskyy

Russian Theology of Work
Ethics Powerpoint (Russian)
Document Description: 

This is a powerpoint presentation of Theology of Work and Christian Ethics course in Russian prepared by Dr. Anatoliy Glukhovskyy

Russian Theology of Work - Ethics


Title Language Resource Link(s) Subject
Joy at Work Bible Study Companion (Russian)
Joy at Work Bible Study Companion
Book Description: 

The Joy at Work Bible Study Companion by Raymond Bakke, William Hendricks, and Brad Smith has been translated to Russian by Dr Anatoliy Glukovskyy

Russian Theology of Work, Joy at Work
Joy at Work (Russian)
Book Description: 

This is the e-book (pdf version) of Joy at Work by Dennis Bakke, translated into Russian by Anatole Glukhovskyy 

Russian Theology of Work, Joy at Work