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Partners Worldwide Blog
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Read stories that show volunteer business mentors who practice a very healthy mix of Creation Mandate as well as Redemption Mandate, two Mandates that drives Partners Worldwide.

Partners Worldwide creates partnerships with local community institutions to provide Mentoring, Training, Access to Capital, and Advocacy, They build up permanent local capacity designed to catalyze entrepreneurs and job creators, and to celebrate business as a calling to do God’s work.



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Luna Juice Bar: Fueling Recovery, Impacting Community
This is an article by Rudy Carrasco in's blog
"The woman behind Luna Juice Bar embodies her unique name – Summer Shine – but that wasn’t always the case.

A few years ago, Shine was homeless in New Orleans with a husband about to leave her, a son who wouldn’t take her calls, and a mother who was planning her funeral..."

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Bono on Capitalism with a Conscience
This article was published in Prism Magazine, August 12, 2013

'In June, U2 frontman Bono made ripples across evangelical America with aninterview with Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly. In the interview Bono affirmed his Christian faith, reciting a stream of biblical quotes along with his own commentary and applications to daily life. At one point he clearly stated, “I believe that Jesus was the Son of God.”'...

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Christian Investors Get Patient With Their Capital
This is an article published in Forbes, Nov. 2012.
"Christian investment vehicles have always struggled. When the FaithShares ETF launched in December 2009, it was to significant press. The founders rang the opening bell on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and the Christian and secular press covered their launch. The funds allowed retail investors to put money into stocks based on the recommendations of their denominations. Baptists could avoid liquor while Methodists could avoid gambling profits. However, 18 months after the high-profile launch, FaithShares went defunct..."
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Do the Poor Need Capitalism

In this Acton Lecture Series, Rudy Carrasco identify  the causes of poverty and how they should be adressed by Christians.

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Business as MIssion 2.0

This is a video from Acton Lecture Series (March 21, 2012) with Rudy Corrasco regarding Business as Mission.  He spoke about the 10 guiding principles of BAM affirm human dignity and provide a foundation for businesses that seek to honor God in every way.

Mr. Rodolpho Carrasco is the U.S. Regional Facilitator for Partners Worldwide and an advisory board member of the Christian Community Development Association.

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