2019 Granting Report

by Dr. Lowell Bakke, Director TOW

Dr. Dotun Reju teaching

Even though we are just in the middle of August, the grant program has already experienced a banner year including:

  • more grant applications have been submitted than we have ever received in a single year
  • 24 wonderful people have developed grants and taught TOW courses this year
  • the 42 grants already approved will have more than 6800 participants completing courses this year, which is more than we have ever had in a single year in the twelve years of the grant program.
  •  the 23 countries involved in those grant courses this year have made this a great year.

Sierra Leone, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Guyana, Bangladesh, Thailand, Tanzania, Republic of Georgia, Korea, USA, Senegal, Ethiopia, Zambia, Lebanon, Uganda, Zambia, Philippines, Burkina Faso, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Canada,

  • the opportunity of many of our teaching team to be involved with both the ICETE schools Faith and Work initiative and the Lausanne Faith and Work Conference in Manila.

It should be said,  we don’t have a huge amount of money invest in schools, churches and marketplace organizations around the world, but in the 12 years that the Mustard Seed Foundation has resourced this program, over 60,000 people have taken part in Theology of Work Courses 80 different countries.  We have much to give thanks for and invite you to consider sharing in the grant program in the coming year.